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Latest update on Part 3 implementation-more delays expected.

By carly, Oct 11 2017 10:43AM

DVSA have warned that there may be further delays to the implementation of the new Part 3. The original target date (for the introduction of the new assessment) was October 2nd, but challenges achieving the required legal sign off of the change within that timescale meant the launch was delayed to (at that time) late October.

Now the agency has cautioned that due to a new approach to legislative process, whereby secondary legislation will in future be subject to the same process as primary legislation (and will therefore have to pass through more layers of scrutiny and more gatekeepers than those needed previously for legislative change of this nature), the implementation of the new Part 3 test may be further delayed - possibly to late November.

The agency is currently seeking clarity as to whether the Part 3 change falls under a new government directive which requires a ministerial triage process for all secondary legislation from October. The purpose of the triage is to maintain central oversight of the secondary legislation programme in a similar way to the primary legislation programme. No Statutory Instruments can now be laid in Parliament until cleared through this process.

With the possibility of the Part 3 changes being caught in this new process and therefore with possibly more hurdles to jump - coupled with the already delayed legal sign off (which will only be exacerbated if the Part 3 changes are deemed to be part of the new triaging process for secondary legislation, as legal sign off cannot occur until the triage process is completed) - NASP is concerned that even a newly estimated November implementation could be challenging for the agency to achieve.

DVSA are currently contacting contacting all PDIs with Part 3 tests booked between 30 October and 10 November to advise them that the test they take between these dates will not have changed to the new one . They are also contacting all trainers on ORDIT.