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By carly, Jul 12 2017 07:41AM

To help learner drivers make an informed decision about who teaches them, DVSA has made some improvements to the ‘Find your Nearest' driving instructor service.

The developments are designed to help make sure that all learner drivers have the information they need to become a safe and responsible driver before they start driving lessons. This will help them through a lifetime of safe driving.

The improvements made also give trainers the opportunity to promote themselves to learner drivers and their parents, from an official source.

From a web traffic point of view, GOV.UK is one of the first stops for learner drivers with around 10,000 people using the service to find driving instructors every week.

Over the summer DVSA will focus on:

- encouraging more learner drivers to use it

- doing more to explain the benefits of choosing a DVSA approved driving instructor

- linking to your website for more detailed information about you as an individual provider

If you are already signed up to 'Find your Nearest' you can now add a link to your website (including a Facebook page, if you don't have a separate website) to the service. This will show in the search results, along with your other contact details.

This will let you give learner drivers more detailed information on the services you provide – whether you provide manual or automatic lessons, your prices, and any services you offer for pupils with a disability, health condition or learning difficulty.

Below is some of the direct feedback from learner drivers who have used the service, telling DVSA what they want to see:

“Add their websites on. And working pattern so I don't have to email everyone to find out when they work etc.”

“By telling you if they do manual or automatic driving lessons.

“More info on instructors... to save time on emailing, calling or texting instructors.”

“Offer an idea to prices and more about the service.”

“Saying the driving lesson price.”

“I'm looking for an automatic driving instructor, would be helpful if it said if they were manual or automatic.”

Helping learners find the right instructor

The developmens will also make it easier for learner drivers to filter their search results, so they can just see instructors who have:

- displayed their standards check grade

- follow the ADI code of practice

- committed to doing 7 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) a year

By filtering their search results, learner drivers can see which instructors meet their criteria. DVSA therefore encourages trainers to make sure they've ticked the boxes for the code of practice and CPD and have agreed for DVSA to publish your standards check grade.

How to add or update your details

- Sign in to update your ADI registration.

- Answer ‘Yes’ to ‘Would you like us to publish your main telephone number and email address on our website?’

- Add the link to your website or Facebook page.

- Tick the box to show you’re committed to a minimum period of CPD per year.

- Tick the box to show that you follow the ADI code of practice.

- Tick the box to publish your latest standards check grade and score.

- Any updates you make will take place overnight - so you can see them on the service the next day.

You can opt back out of the service at any time.

If you haven’t had a new standards check grade yet, your previous check test grade will be shown. If someone clicks on your grade, they’ll see an explanation of what your grade means. If you failed your most recent standards check, it will show as ‘FAIL’.

It's also worth taking the opportunity to check that all your contact details are up to date.

DVSA continue improving the service based on the feedback we receive.

Make sure you're signed up for email alerts, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates about the service.

By carly, Jul 11 2017 08:49AM

DVSA have formally apologised to NASP for the recent delays in the industry steering group receiving some official updates, resulting in members hearing about those announcements first through other channels.

One such communication issue was the acknowledgd failure to provide NASP with up to date information about changes to the driving test (due for implementation this December). Information about the Show me, Tell me questions for the new car practical driving test had been further updated but the update had not been communicated in a timely manner to NASP. DVSA have rectified this issue and apologised to NASP members.

Registrar Mark Magee has also this week exclusively shared with NASP further updates on the implementation of the changes to the Part 3 after concerns were expressed regarding apparent limited availability of Part 3 tests. His update is below in full:

“I want to take this opportunity to update you on the availability of ADI Part 3 tests both in the run up to, and after, the changes on 2 October 2017.

Any examiner training will take place over a one-week period in August. However, we will deliver ADI Part 3 tests during this period and there are still test slots available throughout July, August and September. We are also taking steps to increase the number of Part 3 slots in some areas to help those who want to undertake the test before 2 October.

We are in the process of moving to a dedicated ADI examiner resource to conduct the suite of ADI tests. This will significantly increase overall test capacity, enabling us to both expand service delivery to our ADI Part 2 and Part 3 customers and better ensure standards through more standards checks.

We plan to achieve this by ensuring that examiners are utilised to conduct a programme of ADI tests, rather than, say, a single test at a particular location. I appreciate that this may sometimes result in ADI Part 2 and Part 3 test availability being constrained at low demand sites but we will aim to minimise the impact on waiting times. We are urgently reviewing current back-office and front-end systems and processes, ahead of formally expanding the ADI on-line booking system to include the standards check.

I will ensure that you kept fully informed of progress and any changes that impact on you and your members.’"

If you have any further concerns or queries on this issue please email the current NASP Chair, or your respective NASP member association (ADINJC, DIA or MSA)