NASP releases statement on planned prioritisation of Standards Checks


NASP has today released a statement detailing the steering group’s view (and discussions to date with the agency on this subject) on the recent announcement by DVSA on plans to prioritise future Standards Checks based on wider trainer performance data.

NASP statement 23.8.2021:

Prioritising Standards Checks

NASP is aware of the many questions and concerns that trainers have about DVSA’s move to prioritise Standards Checks based on performance data. The members of NASP also share, and have previously voiced to DVSA, many of the same questions and concerns and we continue to work to obtain answers to those key questions and have the concerns of the industry recognised and responded to. In that vein we issued a set of FAQs early last week and published the responses which you can find here.

We’d like to take this moment to clarify NASP’s involvement to date with the development of this new approach to Standards Checks.

  • In March this year DVSA first outlined plans to adopt a more risk- based approach to prioritising Standards Checks. This information was shared with NASP and a representative group of ORDIT trainers on a strictly embargoed basis as at that time as plans were still at development stage. This information was first shared by NASP in a report in March 2021.
  • DVSA stated that any introduction of this new approach was at this time designed to help reduce the test backlog by identifying ADIs who needed to be seen sooner, offering support to those identified where needed (i.e. the Engagement Call, encouraging the trainer to review their test data and more effectively prepare for their Standards Check etc). This would allow the ADI Enforcement team to focus resources efficiently and allowing high performing ADIs to get on with their work.
  • NASP asked in May this year if there was any new information regarding how standards checks would be conducted in the future as there had been further rumours of changes. DVSA replied that there would be an update going to all instructors regarding standards checks in the near future. The engagement calls from the Enforcement Officer conducting the test, recently introduced, would help to put people in a good position
    for their SC. This was reported in our May update.
  • At the time NASP asked similar questions to those which are being asked now and are in the FAQs and expressed similar concerns.
  • DVSA gave assurances that these concerns and questions had been taken on board and that communications were in hand to deliver a fuller briefing to the industry on launch of the new approach.
  • NASP asked when the new developments would come into being and requested that reasonable notice be given to enable us to in turn more fully brief our respective memberships and for trainers to prepare for the changes
  • Since March we have been asking for updates on the planned changes, and a timeline for when they will occur, in every meeting we have had with DVSA
  • When it was announced last week that the changes would be being implemented imminently NASP asked for a fully updated briefing on how the changes would be implemented and immediately issued a set of FAQs to DVSA mainly focused on the questions and concerns we still believed had not been adequately responded in any previous communications or meetings
  • We will continue to push for improved communications on this matter and for the key concerns of the industry to be addressed
  • NASP is working on another set of FAQs as we speak and thanks the driver trainer community for continuing to share their thoughts, questions and concerns with us to aid that process and encourages trainers to continue to do so.
  • NASP has also asked given the number of concerns and questions the industry still has about these developments, should the introduction of this new approach be delayed until such a time that the agency can provide further information and reassurance to trainers. We have also suggested that changes would be better made after Covid and testing was running normally again. We feel requests have been ignored and as yet have had no formal answer to this question to date.

Lynne Barrie current NASP chair
NASP comprises the ADINJC, DIA and MSA GB

You can read the full statement from NASP here.

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