New series of National Associations Strategic Partnership webinars

Thanks to all those who managed to join us for the first in a new series of National Associations Strategic Partnership webinars on Tuesday. As well as giving attendees an opportunity to ask us questions on any topic related to the work of our industry, or the work of NASP, we focused on three key hot topics in the webinar:

  • the continuing impact of COVID
  • changes to the Highway Code
  • the use of performance data in prioritising Standards Checks now, and in potentially helping the public to choose a trainer in the future (something which DVSA’s latest consultation appears to open the door to)

These three areas alone stimulated some valuable conversations – questions and feedback from which we’ve already been feeding into DVSA in the last 48 hours, and which will form part of our discussions with their senior management team when we meet with them at the end of this month. 

As with this week’s session, future NASP webinars will be timed so as to take place ahead of each of our key meetings with stakeholders such as DVSA and Department for Transport etc, so we can gather your views and insights beforehand to input into such discussions. 

NASP will also be carrying out regular surveys to gauge opinion in the industry on key issues impacting it. The first will be a survey looking at how trainer performance data could and should be used (so thanks to suggestions from participants in Tuesday’s session on that point). 

It was great to see so many trainers joining us and engaging in this week’s session, and we thank those who participated for their questions, comments, insights and suggestions. 

Watch the full video of the NASP webinar below.

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